Here's a way to increase gratitude and thanksgiving in your life. The material is taken 

from the book, Gratitude Works! by Dr. Emmon's.   Our mind likes variety so the exercises below change each day

of the week. As you practice these writing activities you will find the feelings of gratitude to become 

very powerful in your life. With practice new habits and outlooks will form in your mind. It will 

all be a blessing to you.  Click for PDF



21-Day Program


You will need to buy a notepad, simple journal or use  technology to write down your gratitude and form a habit.


Each week you will repeat a pattern of seven different gratitude practices. Source: Gratitude Works!  RobertEmmons



Day 1: THE THREE BLESSINGS: Write down three good things that happened to you today for which you could give other people thanks.  It is important to write down why that good thing happened. What enabled the positive event? Why do you think it happened? What does it mean to you? Did you tell anyone about the good thing?


Day 2: TO WHOM FOR WHAT: Think over the day or yesterday and write down five things causing gratitude. Use the following format. I am grateful to____________________________

For __________________________________________________________.


Day 3: The Gifted Person: Focus on the benefits or gifts you have received in your life. These gifts could be simple pleasures, people in your life, personal strengths or talents, moments of beauty, or gestures of kindness from others. As you write be aware of your feelings. Part 2 is to ask, in what ways might I give back to others as an appropriate response for the gratitude I feel?

Day 4: Looking to the Future: When people think a positive life event is about to end, they are more likely to appreciate it more. Choose an activity, event, experience or relationship that may end soon. Given the short time you have left with your event, activity, experience etc. write about how you are grateful for it.

Day 5: The Absence of Blessing: Think about how a positive event or experience in your life might never have happened or might never have been apart of your life. Mentally subtracting something good from your life can make you more grateful for it. Example: what would of happened if I never…

Day 6: Gratitude Letter: Feeling gratitude but not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it! Remember a time in your life when you were grateful for something that another person did for you then write a letter to the person. What did he or she do and how does that still affect your life? 250 words or less. You choose if you send or keep the letter.

Day 7: Bad to Good: Think of your worst moments, your sorrow, your losses and your sadness and then remember. Focus on how you got through the worst day of your life, the trauma, the trail, the temptation, or surviving the bad relationship. As a result of this event what kinds of things do you now feel thankful or grateful for? How have your grow? Try to write about three different unpleasant events.


Repeat these seven daily practices for three weeks. Then you will receive some reflection questions on week four.